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Boat Tour

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NeutralBoat Tour





110 (Requires 110)


World Quest

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The subject of this article or section is part of the Thousand Boat Bash, a micro-world event, lasting a very short time.




Approaching Fizzle and Pozzik
Fizzle Brassbolts says: This always happens! I look the other way for one minute, and your goons have stolen our explosives!
Pozzik says: Hey, easy there, bub. I only swiped your bombs because you and your munchkin squad swiped ours first!
Fizzle Brassbolts says: <Gasp!> I can't believe you would resort to name-calling. On BOAT DAY, of all days.
Approaching Tu-Luak
Tu-Luak says: The thoughtless partying of the other races has a drastic effect on this land's environment.
Tu-Luak says: All of their litter collects in this corner of the lagoon. We cannot abide this affront to nature.
Tu-Luak says: <Sigh>... I was hoping to play some volleyball, too...
Approaching Theldurin the Lost
Theldurin the Lost says: ACH! I can't believe it!
Theldurin the Lost says: We come all this way to celebrate Boat Day, and ye forgot the dang-blasted ALE!
Martek the Exiled says: Sorry.
Theldurin the Lost says: Hmm... I'll bet those pirates over yonder have some ale on 'em...
Approaching Ilthine
Ilthine Sunsong says: Ahoy down there! You sailors want to party?

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