Body of Evidence

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NeutralBody of Evidence

65 (Requires 66)







Lantresor of the Blade at the Burning Blade Ruins in Nagrand wants you to use the  [Damp Woolen Blanket] at the Blazing Warmaul Pyre in the Laughing Skull Courtyard to signal his ogres.

  • Kil'sorrow Bodies Planted: 1/1


Your rampage through Kil'sorrow Fortress has provided us with a special opportunity. We have enough bodies to make it appear as if a great battle has taken place.

Travel to the Laughing Skull Ruins and find the Laughing Skull Courtyard. There should be a blazing pyre in the courtyard. Make sure the area is secure and then use this blanket to send up smoke signals. When my ogres see the smoke, they will sneak in and plant the bodies of slain Kil'sorrow soldiers.

That should be the final straw!


Do you now understand why you could never win a war against me?


I must admit, I have not felt this alive in decades. You have performed well, <name>.


You will receive:

  • 7g
  • 11300 xp


Once the player has used the  [Damp Woolen Blanket], two friendly Boulderfist Saboteurs (level 64) will spawn nearby, chatting as they plant the slain Kil'sorrow soldiers. Random remarks include:

Boulderfist Saboteur yells: I killded anoder Warmaul ogre! I am Shadow Council! Come get me!
Boulderfist Saboteur says: Last mont, me won da dead orc sound won da dead orc sound contest.
Boulderfist Saboteur says: You make dat sound pretty good. Sound like da orc dieded.
Boulderfist Saboteur says: My dead orc sound is da best!
Boulderfist Saboteur says: For shure it be good.


  1. H [65] The Impotent Leader
  2. A [65] Do My Eyes Deceive Me or H [65] Don't Kill the Fat One (+500 reputation)
  3. A [65] Not On My Watch! or H [65] Success! (+1000)
  4. A [65] Mo'mor the Breaker or H [65] Because Kilrath is a Coward (+20)
  5. A [64] The Ruins of Burning Blade or H [65] Message in a Battle (+500)
  6. A [66] The Twin Clefts of Nagrand or H [66] An Audacious Advance (+700)
  7. B [66] Diplomatic Measures (+300)
  8. N [64] Ruthless Cunning
  9. N [65] Body of Evidence & N [66] Returning the Favor
  10. A [66] Message to Telaar or H [66] Message to Garadar (+700)

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