Bogrogg the Stonescreamer

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NeutralBogrogg the Stonescreamer
Image of Bogrogg the Stonescreamer
Title <Stonedark Emissary>
Gender Male
Race Drogbar (Humanoid)
Level 105
Health 611,763
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Stonedark tribe, Highmountain Tribe
Occupation Ambassador
Location Hall of Chieftains, Thunder Totem, Highmountain [41.0, 46.2]
Status Alive

Bogrogg the Stonescreamer is a drogbar and member of the Stonedark tribe who appears in the Hall of Chieftains in Thunder Totem after completing N [100 - 110] Unexpected Allies. He offers instant transportation to the Stonedark Grotto in northern Highmountain.


Greetings brul.
If you tire of the stench of wood and clean air then speak with me, Bogrogg, the STONESCREAMER!
I can send you by way of stone and earth to the Stonedark Grotto.
Gossip I wish to journey to Stonedark Grotto.

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