Boned (10 player)

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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Boned (10 player)
  • Defeat Lord Marrowgar without any raid member remaining impaled for more than 8 seconds in 10-player mode.

Boned (10 player) is a dungeon & raids achievement earned for defeating Lord Marrowgar without any raid remaining impaled for more than 8 seconds on 10-player mode.


To get this achievement the "Bone Spikes" that impale players must be targeted and destroyed in under 8 seconds.

The raid leader must ensure the DPS understand this. This simply requires DPS, especially ranged DPS to react quickly to every Bone Spike and burn it down quick, then return to damaging the boss.

It is possible, that with enough geared DPS, a group may automatically get the achievement.

One tip to do this is to have everyone collapse on the boss within the red ring that's visible when he is clicked on, and for Hunters to be as close as possible, but still able to shoot. This allows for much quicker switching, and melee DPS can help out as well.

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