Bones of Nozronn

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The Bones of Nozronn

The Bones of Nozronn are the remains of an ancient rhino often worshiped by the gorlocs in Sholazar Basin. Using a special incense made from cobra fangs will allow communication from Nozronn himself.[1] He speaks to the adventurer through his spirit.

Oracle Soo-rahm keeps a shrine in Nozronn's honor.[2]

Related Quests

  1. N [76] Rhino Mastery: The Chase
  2. N [76] An Offering for Soo-rahm
  3. N [76] The Bones of Nozronn


After using the incense during the quest N [76] The Bones of Nozronn given by Oracle Soo-rahm:

Voice of Nozronn says: So the oracIe has decided to aid you, outIander. Very weII, l will offer you what i know.
Voice of Nozronn says: Your companion seeks the shardhorn patriarch Farunn, who holds himself aIoof from his brothers.
Voice of Nozronn says: Farunn walks the lands north of what your people call the Bittertide Falls. You will find him alone, but you will see her requires no defenders.
Voice of Nozronn says: Return to your companion. TelI him to go forth and claim his prize in Farunn.
Voice of Nozronn says: Once he has done so, tell him to Ieave this land in peace. He does not belong here.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
  • His sheer size and considering he is worshipped by the gorloc, plus the fact that he can still be contacted after his death, suggest that he might be a rhino Wild God.