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Book from Sven's Farm is an unfinished book that is the reward from A [25] Sven's Revenge, and is used from that quest on in all the quests until A [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure. It is only a partial story, for the full text check out  [Jitters' Completed Journal], which you are given at A [25] Finding the Shadowy Figure as a replacement for the partial book.

The story itself is part of the lore of the Defias Brotherhood, not of their creation but of the start of their demise, as well as the appearance of the worgen.


This item is provided as an objective for the following quests:


The terror of these past few weeks is almost more than I can bear; yet, I feel that by writing down that which I've seen I will somehow be comforted. So I do it, and it is the only comfort I have these bleak days.

It began with the finding of that cursed scythe in Roland's Doom. Before the scythe, the terrors of this place seemed as tamed as Northshire Valley.

But ever since I found the haft of the scythe jutting from the pile of rubble and, curse me, pulled it free, Roland's Doom became a place of vile death!

After the scythe was freed, they came at us from everywhere, clawing from hidden holes at our feet and dropping upon us from silent perches above. Half our men fell in those first panicked minutes. The rest, including myself, tried to flee. As I ran I saw so many of my brothers taken by tooth and claw, heard so many screams cut short or gurgle to silence.

I can only guess why I survived that night. I have always been cautious, always quick to flinch from jabs leap free of pitfalls. My nickname comes from this trait. So perhaps it was just that knack for caution that saved me...

Or maybe it was the scythe I pulled from the rubble. It cannot be the scythe itself, for I lost it during my frantic flight. But if it was I who brought the Worgen to Duskwood, then perhaps the Worgen afforded me a rare courtesy. Curse them.

After surviving the flight from Roland's Doom, I hid within a barn owned by a man named Sven. I spent a few days in the barn, and such horrors lingered with me that I never once made myself known to Sven or his family. But from what I saw from my hiding place, I knew these farmers were quite decent folks. Had I stepped from my concealment I think they would have taken me in, but trust is hard for me. Harder still after that shock in the mine.

So I remain hidden.

<The rest of the book is blank>

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