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Bookie Longshot

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NeutralBookie Longshot
Image of Bookie Longshot
Gender Female
Race Junker gnome (Humanoid)
Level 120
Health 84,716
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Bloody Grotto, Mechagon Island

Bookie Longshot is a junker gnome located at the entrance to the Bloody Grotto on Mechagon Island.



<Longshot holds up a finger as she listens to her earpiece.>

Yeah, hold on one sec, boss. Some meathead's botherin' me.

No I'll take care of it.

<Longshot turns to you.>

Look, meathead. Bondo's deal is simple: every 30 minutes, he pays to put a big fancy chest loaded with loot in the back of this cave.

You loot it, you keep it.

You die, our audience is entertained.

Now, leave me alone and let me work.

Gossip Audience? I don't see any audience.

Of course you don't. You think spectators want to stand in the middle of the fighting?

Use your meaty head, meathead. We got cameras rollin'.

On approach
If you're looking for Bondo's Fight Club, you found it.
If not, you'd better book it before the meatheads spot you.
Event start
You got it, boss.
Bondo wants more fighting! New jackpot incoming!
Bookie walks down towards the center of the cave. She comes to a stop and places down the Fight Club Treasure Chest.
Make it entertaining, meatheads!
Bookie books it back to the cave entrance.

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