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For the Battle for Azeroth dungeon, see Siege of Boralus.

Capital city


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Boralus (pronounced "bohr-AH-luhs")[1] is the capital of the island city-state of Kul Tiras.[2][3] It is located on the mouth of a river or strait running through Tiragarde Sound.


Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

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Boralus is a safe port of call in unsafe waters. The outer wall hosts a marketplace that is second to none. Merchants from all over Azeroth dock here to trade their goods. For most visitors, the market is all they ever see of Boralus. Beyond the Great Gate lies the city proper, and very few outsiders are allowed inside.[4]


Map of Boralus.

Boralus is located on a cluster of small islands in the eastern part of Tiragarde Sound.



IconSmall KulTiran Male.gif Alliance Will Melborne <Ferry Master> [74.2, 24.7]
IconSmall Jes-Tereth.gif Alliance Grand Admiral Jes-Tereth <Wind's Redemption> [67.9, 26.7]
IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Alliance Kate Banks <Dockmaster> [77.3, 24.7]
IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Alliance Joan Weber <Flight Master> [67, 15]


IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Wesley Rockhold <Innkeeper> [74.1, 12.7]
IconSmall Ethereal.gif Alliance Warpweaver Ezil <Transmogrifier> [71.7, 13.4]
IconSmall Ethereal.gif Alliance Razzi the Shaper <Azerite Reforger> [72, 13.4]
IconSmall KulTiran Female.gif Alliance Leila Stafford <Stable master> [69.6, 13.1]


IconSmall Human Male.gif Alliance Harold Atkey <Barkeeper> [75.4, 14.5]


Travel connections

Flight paths


Alliance Stormwind City, Eastern Kingdoms (The Relentless)
HordeAlliance Xibala, Zuldazar, Zandalar (Wind's Redemption, requires Zuldazar foothold)
HordeAlliance Fort Victory, Nazmir, Zandalar (Wind's Redemption, requires Nazmir foothold)
HordeAlliance Shatterstone Harbor, Vol'dun, Zandalar (Wind's Redemption, requires Vol'dun foothold)


Alliance Stormwind City
Alliance Ironforge City
Alliance The Exodar
Neutral Silithus

In the RPG

The RPG Icon 16x36.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Boralus, Kul Tiras’ capital, lies on the island’s west coast. The city's population has dwindled since Jaina's and Daelin's exodus, and many houses and surrounding farms lie empty. Currently the city's population stands at four-thousand heads. The people have drawn in away from the fringes and toward the coast; one can wander for a short while through the abandoned residential districts and market places in the city's east side. An ideal place for a secret society or hidden cabal, the town was eerily quiet.

Still, Boralus is a friendly enough harbor, though almost all its citizens carry long knives to "gut the murlocs and naga". Kul Tiras's diminished fleet patrols the waterways leading to the harbor, so merchants from Southshore, Menethil Harbor and (rarely) Kalimdor make Boralus a regular stop.[5]

Notes and trivia

  • Kennings Lodge in Tiragarde Sound is the largest supplier of furs and leather to Boralus.[6]
  • Boralus is the only human capital to not share a name with its nation (e.g. Stormwind, Gilneas).
  • Despite having a capital with a different name than the nation, Kul Tiras is still described as a city-state.[7][8]
  • Before the geography of the island was retroactively changed in Battle for Azeroth, Kul Tiras was the name of the capital and not Boralus.[9] The name Boralus only existed in the non-canonical RPG to refer to the capital of Kul Tiras.[10]
    • The dot on the Warcraft II map labeled as "Kul Tiras" may be the current-day Boralus. Both are on the southeast parts of the island. Chronicle Volume 1 moved the dot to a central location.
  • In the StarCraft universe, Boralis is the name of the capital city of the planet Braxis.



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