Bored Barkeep

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AllianceBored Barkeep
Image of Bored Barkeep
Title <The Cupola Cafe>
Gender Female
Race Human (Humanoid)
Level 115
Health 27,330
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Cupola Cafe, Boralus
Status Alive

The Bored Barkeep is a human located at the Cupola Cafe in Boralus.

Vendor information

Inv drink 04.png [Drop Anchor Dunkel]
2g 59s 20c
Inv drink 30 blackheartgrog.png [Drustvar Dark Roast]
Inv drink 10.png [Hook Point Schnapps]
2g 59s 20c
Inv drink 03.png [Kul Tiran Tripel]
4g 19s 20c
Spell misc drink.png [Major's Frothy Coffee]
Inv drink 15.png [Sailor's Choice Coffee]
Ability monk tigereyebrandy.png [Starhook Special Blend]

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