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Bored Student

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MobBored Student
Image of Bored Student
Race(s) Human, Gnome
Level 41 - 90 Elite
Class Warlock
Health 4,767 - 45,976
Mana 1,332
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Viewing Room, Scholomance
Status Killable

Bored Students can be found in the Viewing Room of Scholomance.


They have one of the following abilities:

  • Piercing Howl — Causes all enemies near the warrior to be dazed for 6 sec. Instant [citation needed] 
  • Basic melee
  • Shadow Bolt 30 yd range — Deals X - Y Shadow damage to your target. 2 sec cast. Hits for 96-103 Shadow.
  • Fire Breath Potion
  • Shadow Nova

Nearly the entire room of students is linked together, so aggroing one will aggro them all. The tank should run in, poke one, and then run back out around a corner to line-of-sight the shadow bolt-casting students. Once they are all rounded up, blow an AoE taunt, then all AoE-capable damage dealers should use their AoEs to wear down the group.

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