Borgrim Stouthammer

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AllianceBorgrim Stouthammer
Image of Borgrim Stouthammer
Title <Explorers' League>
Gender Male
Race Dwarf (Humanoid)
Level 67
Health 3,820
Affiliation(s) Explorers' League
Location Sylvanaar, Blade's Edge Mountains[37, 64]
Status Alive

Borgrim Stouthammer is a level 67 quest giver located at Sylvanaar in the contested territory of Blade's Edge Mountains. He and his wife Bronwyn are members of the Explorers' League.



As representatives of the Explorers' League, Bronwyn and I are here at the Alliance's behest to study these mountains.

But between you and me, after an extended stay in Silithus, we just needed a vacation. This seems like a nice enough spot.


This section includes speculation on characters that might be related, usually because they may share a last name. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

He may be related to Lana Stouthammer, Janela Stouthammer and Dalin Stouthammer.

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