Borrowed Brew

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AllianceBorrowed Brew
Mouthwatering Brew

86 (Requires 85)




4g 90s



Taste the mouthwatering brew.

  • Tasted the mouthwatering brew


A delicious smell wafts out from the bottle on the table.

A little taste couldn't hurt, right?


You will receive: 4g 90s


I heard your people had washed up on our shores, but I did not not expect to find one washed up on my very doorstep! What brings you here, stranger?

<You explain about your search for Prince Anduin, and describe the boy to the pandaren.>

Very interesting! And so the Pearlfin sent you to me, did they?


  • 55000 XP


Lo'Gosh and Anduin
Anduin leaving

Well, worth a shot. Interact with the other bottle on the table.

After drinking the liquid, the adventurer becomes groggy and lays down, immediately entering a dream state.
Spirit of Lo'Gosh says: Two hundred ships at my disposal, yet the one carrying my SON goes missing!
The spirit walks just past the well and stands between it and the table.
Anduin walks up from the other direction with two [Avenging Wrath] wings on his back, stops in front of the house and begins casting a spell on the spirit.
Anduin Wrynn says: I am sorry, but I cannot go back just yet.
Anduin dispels the Spirit of Lo'Gosh, revealing his true form as Varian Wrynn.
Anduin Wrynn says: I've decided to search for the Vale... Vale... Vale...
Anduin runs out of the pavilion as just beyond, a massive wall of flame goes up. A sudden explosion (along with the appearance of two tall Horde banners with their bottoms burning) in the fire creates gouts of black smoke. A gigantic Garrosh Hellscream rises up from the smoke and fire, as in front of the pavilion's wall, two regular Horde banners appear and two more tall banners rise up.
Garrosh Hellscream says: STORM the shores, and PAINT THIS NEW CONTINENT RED!!
Lorewalker Cho walks up with a bucket as the vision fades.
Lorewalker Cho says: My, my. Hello, stranger! Sampled my dream brew, have we?[1] Its visions are hard to interpret - half truth, half illusion. Who's to say which is which?
He splashes some water on the adventurer.

Speak with Cho to continue.


  1. ^ Here, Cho actually says the words I see, not "have we".


After A [86] SI:7 Report: Take No Prisoners:

  1. A [86] Seek Out the Lorewalker
  2. A [86] Borrowed Brew
  3. A [86] A Visit with Lorewalker Cho
  4. A [86] Potency & A [86] Body & A [86] Hue
  5. A [86] Finding Your Center
  6. A [86] Sacred Waters & A [86] Rest in Peace & A [86] An Ancient Legend
  7. A [86] Anduin's Decision

Patches and hotfixes

  • Hotfix (2014-06-09): "Resolved an issue that could cause players to be unable to see Lorewalker Cho after consuming Mouthwatering Brew."
  • Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.0.4 (2012-08-28): Added.

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