Borrowed Technology

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AllianceBorrowed Technology
Start Chief Engineer Boltwrench
End Chief Engineer Boltwrench
Level 80 (Requires 78)
Category Icecrown
Experience 22050 (or 13g 23s at 80)
Rewards  [Smuggler's Bracers],  [Glacier-walker's Mukluks],  [Skycaptain's Belt], or  [Plated Bracelet of the Skies]
Previous A [80] Your Attention, Please
Next A [80 Daily] The Solution Solution, A [80] Killohertz


Chief Engineer Boltwrench aboard the Skybreaker wants you to use the  [Smuggled Solution] at the Broken Front.

Using the solution will require an  [Abandoned Helm],  [Abandoned Armor], and  [Pile of Bones], all found at the Broken Front.

  • Field Tests Conducted (3)


I get it, I get it. Cappy's too busy to see this for himself. His loss!

See, I've managed to 'acquire' a certain shipment of solution from the enemy. And as much as I hate tinkerin' with inferior goblin technology, I'm inclined to make an exception here.

Take this sample. I'll need you to run a few field tests, just to prove its usefulness, while I try to do a little reverse engineering to duplicate the creation process.

Go to the front and gather the materials to make a decoy, then use the oil.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv bracer 07.png [Smuggler's Bracers] Inv boots 08.png [Glacier-walker's Mukluks]
Inv belt 30.png [Skycaptain's Belt] Inv bracer 17.png [Plated Bracelet of the Skies]


Well, how'd it go, <race>?


Good news!

I've managed to reproduce the solution - hardly an accomplishment, of course.

Doubt I'll live the day to see those neanderthal goblins cook up somethin' a gnome can't recreate in his sleep!


  1. A [80] Your Attention, Please
  2. A [80] Borrowed Technology
  3. A [80] Killohertz
  4. A [80] Leading the Charge
  5. A [76] Watts My Target

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