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Boulderfist Saboteur

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NeutralBoulderfist Saboteur
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Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 64
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Boulderfist
Location Laughing Skull Ruins, Nagrand
Status Alive

Boulderfist Saboteur are ogres located in Laughing Skull Ruins in Nagrand.

Several of them spawn during N [65] Body of Evidence.


  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: Rawr! Me is Shadow Council magishun! Me come for Warmaul terri... tettritor... Me come for Warmaul land!
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: Dat's all of dem! Dese Warmaul be so mad! Hooray!
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: For shure it be good.
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: Last mont, me won da dead orc sound champi... champichi... me won da dead orc sound contest.
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: My dead orc sound is da best!
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: You make dat sound pretty good. Sound like da orc dieded.
  • Boulderfist Saboteur says: Your dead orc sound ok. Mine better.

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