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Bound Deluge

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MobBound Deluge
Image of Bound Deluge
Race Bound water elemental (Elemental)
Level 87 Elite
Health 2,064,850 - 6,639,520
Mana 139,650
Wealth 17g 56s 32c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Throne of the Apocalypse, Bastion of Twilight


  • Frost Whirl-Whirls around, releasing icy bolts at nearby enemies, inflicting 11875 to 13125 Frost damage and slowing movement by 30%.
  • Icy Shroud-Supercooled air swirls around the caster, reducing all damage taken by 50% and preventing spell interrupts. Absorbs heat from the surroundings, but intense Flame might unravel the shroud.

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