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Bound Soul

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Not to be confused with Bound Soul (Vale of Eternal Blossoms).
MobBound Soul
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Gender Female
Race Night elf (Undead)
Level 98 - 110
Health 130,624
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Burning Legion
Location Azsuna
Status Killable

Bound Souls are night elf souls located at the Nor'Danil Wellspring in Azsuna during the Legion Assaults.


  • Touch of the Occult - Touch an enemy with cursed hands, inflicting Arcane damage and reducing Haste and movement speed by 20% for 6 sec.

Objective of


  • As the master commands!
  • As the master wills!
  • Cannot... resist!
  • For the Legion!
  • I obey.

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