Brambleking Fili

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MobBrambleking Fili
Image of Brambleking Fili
Gender Male
Race Podling (Elemental)
Level 100 Rare
Health 489,270
Mana 12,082
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Socrethar's Rise, Shadowmoon Valley[44.9, 77.1]
Status Killable

Brambleking Fili is a podling located in Socrethar's Rise in Shadowmoon Valley. He is accompanied by an entourage of 6 Shadowglen Spitters.


  • Bramble Whirl - The caster whirls once in a cascade of leaves knocking players back and inflicting 141 to 159 Physical damage to all players within 6 yards.
  • Razor Teeth - Bite an enemy, inflicting Physical damage every 3 sec. for 12 sec.
  • Rise of the Flora - Brambleking Fili releases plant energies, raising some of his followers back into the battle!


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