Brannon Stormsong

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AllianceBrannon Stormsong
Image of Brannon Stormsong
Title Lord
Gender Male
Race Human (Humanoid)
Affiliation(s) House Stormsong, Kul Tiras
Location Anglepoint Production Area, Tiragarde Sound
Status Alive
Relative(s) Lord Stormsong (uncle)

Brannon Stormsong is a member of House Stormsong. He is the nephew of Lord Stormsong, the house's ruler.

Brannon led Anglepoint Wharf in Tiragarde Sound, placed there by his uncle so he could acquire some leadership experience.[1] When the workers became corrupted by the dark forces of the sea because they did not approve of how Brannon ran things,[2] Brannon helped to solve the problem. Afterward he left for Stormsong Valley to speak with his uncle in the hope that he and the Tidesages would know more about the dark magic that had afflicted Anglepoint.[3]

Brannon would later attend the ceremony in Boralus where Jaina Proudmoore became the new Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras,[4] and afterward can be found in Unity Square being lectured by Stormsong Aldermen.

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