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AllianceBravo Company
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"They called us the Bravo Company. When things needed killin', we did the spillin'... of blood."

Bravo Company is a battalion of soldiers serving in the Stormwind Army. It is led by Corporal John J. Keeshan, who commands the military unit on the field, and Colonel Troteman, who serves as the commanding officer for the entire regiment. They mainly operate in the Redridge Mountains, waging war on the invading Blackrock orcs until the entire regiment was overpowered by an orc assault. Most of the men were killed and those who survived served as prisoners of war for five years.[1] Only Keeshan managed to escape to Lakeshire, which the townspeople treated him with contempt for his military service. For a while, Keeshan became disillusioned with his hometown and lost the will to fight.

Bravo Company in Shalewind Canyon

In the Redridge Mountains storyline, the player is recruited into Bravo Company and under the guidance of Colonel Troteman, attempts to reignite Keeshan's will to fight by recovering the belongings Keeshan lost and helping reassemble Keeshan's old battalion from Bravo Company, who have all been discovered to be alive but captured by Blackrock orcs.

After having his belongings returned to him and his friends in Bravo Company reunited with him, Keeshan regains the will to fight. Keeshan leads Bravo Company in an assault on Render's Valley, freeing the prisoners of war located there and then decimating it in an explosion which turns it into a crater.

Bravo Company later assault Stonewatch Keep, the stronghold of the Blackrock orcs, which culminates in a battle with a black dragon named Darkblaze. During the battle all the members of Bravo Company are killed except for the player and Keeshan, who jumps onto the dying dragon's back. Darkblaze flies over Lake Everstill, and after some struggle, both of them fall into the lake's waters. Both Keeshan and Darkblaze were presumed to have died in the fight, and several of Keeshan's belongings are later recovered by Lakeshire's townspeople.

Colonel Troteman states that Jorgensen, Messner, Krakauer, Danforth will receive a proper burial.

It is later revealed that Keeshan survived the encounter and later plays a role in defeating the Dark Horde in the Burning Steppes storyline.