Brazie's Dictionary of Devilish Draenei Damsels

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  • Brazie's Dictionary of Devilish Draenei Damsels
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Brazie's Dictionary of Devilish Draenei Damsels is one of five books contained inside  [Brazie's Black Book of Secrets], sold to members of the Alliance for 22,000g by Brazie Getz on Deathbringer's Rise in Icecrown Citadel after defeating Deathbringer Saurfang.


Brazie's Dictionary of Devilish Draenei Damsels

Are your tastes more exotic? Do you desire someone a little out of this world? Are hooves your thing, but succubi a little too much for you?

Read on, my friend...

I'd just arrived off the boat to Azuremyst when I stopped a group of Draenei dames around the ripe young age of 230. They were laughing and having a great time. What luck, still on the docks and I'd found exactly the type of fun, energetic Draenei women I wanted to meet on this trip.

At first a bit anxious, I breathed deeply and reminded myself, "they too are here in Azeroth on vacation, looking to meet new people and have a great time."

Sure enough, they were delighted to see one devilishly charming Gnome like myself in the Exodar. It even turned out we were both staying near the Vault of Lights. We exchanged deep, penetrating glances into each others eyes, promising to meet again near A'dal later that night.

The next day, I met another beautiful Draenei woman - the gleam of her horns gave only the gentlest of glimpses into her refined tastes. I asked why she was visiting the Exodar, when in shock, she told me she wasn't visiting - she lived here.

The words I spoke to myself before returned to my mind:

"She is on vacation, looking to meet amazing people and have a great time."

I had it all wrong, she wasn't on vacation at all! Then suddenly, the grinding gears of my mind clicked: I'd been claiming to myself that they were so receptive because they were on vacation. What a gnollish excuse!

I'm a fun, interesting guy who any sensible minded girl would love to group with, on vacation or not! Now when I meet Draenei girls, I remind myself of the simple truth:

"She too is looking to meet people and have a great time."

The following 497 pages of this dictionary consistent entirely of oddly angled pictures taken from a Super Snapper FX 2000.

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