Breaching the Tomb

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Breaching the Tomb is a Legion quest achievement earned for completing the Legionfall Campaign in Broken Shore.


The quests were gated behind a weekly release, beginning from Patch 7.2's release.

Date Quest(s)
2017-03-28 Armies of Legionfall
Assault on Broken Shore
Begin Construction
Aalgen Point
Vengeance Point
2017-04-04 Defending Broken Isles
2017-04-11 Champions of Legionfall
2017-04-18 Shard Times
2017-04-25 Mark of the Sentinax
2017-05-02 Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
2017-05-09 Intolerable Infestation
2017-05-16 Relieved of Their Valuables
2017-05-23 Take Out the Head...
2017-05-30 Championing Our Cause
2017-06-06 Strike Them Down

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