Breaking Through (Borean Tundra)

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HordeBreaking Through
Start Chieftain Wintergale
End Chieftain Wintergale
Level 71 (Requires 68)
Type Group (3)
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 25150 (or 3g 3s at level 80)
Reputation The Taunka 350

 [Chain of Vigilant Thought]  [Clutch of Undying Will]

 [Choker of Forceful Redemption]
Previous Words of Power


Defeat Prince Valanar and his lieutenants, Vanthryn the Merciless and Luthion the Vile, then report to Chieftain Wintergale at Taunka'le Village.


On the lowest tier of the Temple City, there is a gray altar bathed in light. Step into it to gain entry to the dread necropolis Naxxanar.

Be cautious, <name>. Prince Valanar will certainly be defended by his personal retainers, who will give their lives to keep you from ascending to the top level of the necropolis.

You must find your way through the necropolis to the prince's seat. If you fail to defeat him, <name>, I fear my people will never know the safety Icemist offers.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry amulet 05.png [Chain of Vigilant Thought] Inv jewelry necklace 10.png [Clutch of Undying Will]
Inv jewelry necklace 09.png [Choker of Forceful Redemption]




With the prince defeated, the Scourge presence in Borean Tundra is broken. I have no illusions that they will stay away for long, which is why I must focus on preparing Durm to lead the villagers on their way to Icemist.

<The chieftain shakes his head slowly>

For all the disagreemants I've had with Durm, I trust his judgement and his abilities. I cannot bring myself to abandon Taunka'le, so I will defend it until I am slain.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

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