Breaking into the Trap Game (Horde)

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HordeBreaking into the Trap Game

98 (Requires 98)



Use the Iron Trap to capture a Clefthoof or Wolf in Frostfire Ridge and then place a Work Order at your Barn.

  • Beast Trapped
  • Place A Work Order

Provided item:


When we came through the portal, we weren't able to bring any of our animals with us. For us to produce leather and furs, we'll need to trap some of the native beasts and bring them back here.

Although the plains are frozen, there are many clefthooves and wolves in Frostfire. We can gather leather from the clefthooves, or furs from the wolves.

Take this iron trap and use it on a wounded adult beast. Bring the trapped creature back to us, and we will begin our work.


Very good. We will have your leather or fur ready soon.

Now that you know how to use the trap, it will be available for your use at any time. We can only handle so many beasts in the barn at one time, though. I would not advise taking more from the land than necessary.


You will receive: 30g 80s

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