Breaking the Keystone

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NeutralBreaking the Keystone
Start Stone of Inner Binding
End Keystone
Level 29 (Requires 27)
Category Arathi Highlands
Experience 2350
Previous id=651
Next B [27] Myzrael's Tale


Find and kill Fozruk. Bring the  [Rod of Order] to the Keystone in the Arathi Highlands.


Opening the Stones of Binding loosened much of my confinement, but a lock still holds me chained. It is the Keystone you see among this circle of stones. And the key is held by one of my captors, the stone watcher Fozruk.

You must obtain that key, which the stone watchers call the  [Rod of Order], from Fozruk and use it to open the Keystone.

<name>, you have done so much to aid me. Just a little more...and my gratitude will shake the very foundations of the earth!

("Fozruk: Get the Rod of Order")


The Keystone is charged with tremendous geomantic energy.


You place the rod in the keystone. And a shudder is felt beneath you...


Turning in this quest spawns a level 29 creature named Thenan. Make sure to clear the area of enemies before turning it in.

Thenan yells: Stop! Foolish <class>, we cannot let you summon the creature Myzrael!


  1. B [29] The Stone Shards
  2. N [29] The Princess Trapped
  3. N [29] Stones of Binding
  4. N [29] Breaking the Keystone
  5. B [27] Myzrael's Tale
  6. B [28G] The Princess Unleashed

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