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Breezestrider Stallion (mob)

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For the mount, see  [Breezestrider Stallion].
MobBreezestrider Stallion
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Race Talbuk (Beast)
Level 98 - 100
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Nagrand
Status Killable
Pet family Stag

Breezestrider Stallions are talbuks located in Nagrand.


  • Spell lifegivingspeed.png  Gift of the Talbuk — Increases damage done 10% per application. Damage caused to the talbuk will cause the number of applications to decrease.
  • Inv misc dust.png  Kick Up — Kicks up a cloud of dust that causes targets within the cloud to have their damage reduced by 25%.
  • Inv misc foot centaur.png  Rearing Charge — The caster rears up and charges inflicting Physical damage to all targets caught in the path.
  • Spell frost stun.png  Thwack — Rearing up and bringing down both hooves the talbuk inflicits[sic] Physical damage and interrupts any spell being cast for 2 sec.


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