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NeutralBrew Bandits





110 (Requires 110)


Rare World Quest




Iron-Body Ponshu says: Hero, we've gotten word that the Felskorn are readying another attack. Please foil their plans before they have a chance to act!



Talk to Master Jiedari

<Class title>, the Felskorn alchemists in this area have been getting more aggressive of late. They recently stole a shipment of our brew. Worse, it appears that they have modified it to enhance themselves and are now spewing it from their spreaders!

They need to be stopped, but it will not be easy without help. Fortunately the Monkey King loaned us his vaulting staff. Use it to jump over their heads and rain death from above!

Will you help?

Gossip I'm ready!

After quest

The Burning Legion closes in on Azeroth. We must all do our part!


Iron-Body Ponshu says: Blessings upon you, my friend! The monks are in your debt.



This quest is quite fun to do. Using the staff switches you to a vehicle UI. 1 is to vault and 2 is to throw Storm Brew Grenades (pony kegs, actually). At a 3.5 sec cooldown, you can continuously vault mid-air while throwing grenades to one-shot the mobs and never even touch the ground, although if you do, the ability also provides a ground AOE attack on landing. Should you need to go AFK, there are floating rocks you can land on and a shelf on the south side of the quest area. Once the quest is complete, you will be teleported to Master Jiedari.

If you happen to be on the quest N [110] Strike Them Down, this world quest can be used to trivially complete it. Just make sure to get your 100 mobs first, THEN the Fel Brew Spreaders. If you do the spreaders first, once you kill your 40 mobs the quest mechanics will end and not be usable for your purposes.

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