Brewfest Garb

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Dwarf male wearing Brewfest Regalia and holding a [Yellow Brewfest Stein]

This is a set (as of Patch 3.0.2) but it currently has no set bonus.

Brewfest Garb is a three item set that is worn in the head, chest, and feet slots. There are two choices of chest and foot slot gear, and four colors of hats available. These items are available for purchase using  [Brewfest Prize Token] during the Brewfest event.


Purchased with
 [Brewfest Prize Token]
Character Requirements
Character level 1
Materials Required
350  [Brewfest Prize Token] for one set of three pieces

Recommended Gear

Although not necessarily part of the Brewfest garb collection, there are a number of pieces of gear that are often worn and/or used in conjunction with Brewfest Garb (some of which are themselves rewards from the Brewfest event), including:

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