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This article is about the RPG prestige class. For the specialization, see Monk#Brewmaster. For the achievement, see [Brewmaster].
For general lore about the pandaren brewmaster or its Warcraft III unit, see pandaren brewmaster and Pandaren Brewmaster (Warcraft III).
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Must be neutral

Predecessor class
Favored by

PandarenPandaren Pandaren
Any race is capable

Weapon proficiency

Simple weapons

Armor proficiency

Light armor


Craft (alchemy), Profession (brewer)

Sources: Dark Factions, 54-57
Dalaran Brewmaster

A brewmaster (also known as brewmeister or brewmaiden) is known for making drinks and concoctions which give the brewmaster and others special abilities. The most famous brewmasters hail from Pandaria, but there are brewmasters from Dalaran, such as the Dalaran Brewmaster (at Ambermill in the Silverpine Forest). The Horde have their own brewmasters as well, such as Brewmaster Drohn. Ogre brewmasters can also be found in the ranks of the Bloodmaul clan.[1]

Following the Argus Campaign, King Anduin Wrynn visited Ironforge and gifted barley for their beer. Ironforge's brewmasters wanted to name the first batch as Anduin's Amber Ale.[2]

In the RPG

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Brewmaster is a prestige class in Dark Factions.

The Goldtooth dwarves are also known for being brewmasters in Khaz Modan.[3]

The pandaren are an old and refined culture, with many traditions and arts important to their way of life. Perhaps none influence the pandaren so thoroughly as the art of brewing. Scholars believe that drink influences every aspect of pandaren life, and because of the craft involved, a tradition of brewing potent fluids is a cultural institution for the gentle people of Pandaria. Pandaren brewmasters travel the world for new and exotic ingredients and recipes. These affable yet deadly warriors practice a unique combination of healing arts and martial skill. With their knowledge of alchemy, potion making and brewery, pandaren create superb ales and liquors that are welcome at any adventurer’s table either before or after a battle. Brewmasters practice a unique fighting style. They combine typical pandaren finesse and strength with the appearance of being drunk, stumbling apparently at random. When they sway to avoid a blow or swing a wild fist, their proficiency appears accidental.

While the path of the brewmaster might be learned by any race, the pandaren keep the craft of the brewmaster a closely guarded secret. Ancient ways and methods of brewing result in a potent ability to craft traditional pandaren brews. Pandaren are reluctant to share the secrets of this craft, though a brewmaster might take the most disciplined and spiritual of individuals under his wing. Those who do take the path of the brewmaster are typically pandaren, and show allegiance only to the ways of their craft. While brewing is a mystical art, as the pandaren say “good drink shows no bad faces,” and anyone who seeks out a brewmaster is likely to find him willing to provide a draught or two in exchange for coin.

Any race can become a brewmaster though most known brewmasters are pandaren.[4]


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Mojo Dark-Ale, Sinjo Honeybrew, Kesha Wildbarley, Tatsa Sweetbarrow, Mushi Ale-Hearth, Jinto Reedwine, Masha Storm-Stout, Polo Barrel-keg[5] WC3RoC-logo.png


  • Brewmasters can be compared to alchemists through working their concoctions, but would miss some of the finer notes to potions or remedies.[6]


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