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Brewmaster Blanche

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NeutralBrewmaster Blanche
Image of Brewmaster Blanche
Title <Brews>
Gender Female
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Class Brewmaster
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Various
Status Deceased[1]
Student(s) Nimble Shou

Brewmaster Blanche is a pandaren found at the Thunderpaw Overlook of the Jade Forest and during the A Brewing Storm scenario.

She also appears on the Timeless Isle, selling brews.


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

During the Third invasion of the Burning Legion, Blanche was killed by Varagol the Coercer at the Stormstout Brewery, who then poisoned her Celebration Brew and stole her form. The Grandmaster of the Order of the Broken Temple, along with Brewer Almai made their way to the brewery to find many of the brewers diseased by some mysterious force. After detoxing the diseased brewers, the duo found the dreadlord, who then shed his Blanche disguise and attacked. However, Varagol informs them that the poisoned brew has already made its way to the Wandering Isle, forcing the Grandmaster and Almai to make a hasty return.

On return to the Temple of Five Dawns, the Spirit of Brewmaster Blanche appeared, where she was interrogated by Iron-Body Ponshu. Blanche informed them that Varagol had killed her, poisoned her brew, and assumed her form, and although she attempted to reach them and warn the Order in time, she was too late. However, Blanche's spirit assisted them in detoxing and curing the poisoned monks, and after Ponshu was restored to health, she departed peacefully into the afterlife.


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Thunderpaw Overlook 90 63,217
A Brewing Storm 90 2,166,676
Timeless Isle 90 63,217
Wandering Isle Legion 110 - 112 2,166,676



at Jade Forest
Inv drink 16.png [Four Wind Soju]
2g 24s
Inv potion 25.png [Pandaren Plum Wine]
2g 56s
at Timeless Isle
Inv drink 14.png [Boomer Brew]
2g 60s
Inv drink 16.png [Four Wind Soju]
2g 24s
Inv potion 25.png [Pandaren Plum Wine]
2g 56s


Happy travels, <race>!
The weather may look nice now, but the skies over the Jade Forest can darken quickly with squalls. Can you feel the air changing? Perhaps you'd like to help me brew some of my legendary Boomer Brew?
Gossip Queue for A Brewing Storm.

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