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The Brilliant Saronite subset of the Blacksmithing tradeskill is a Plate armor collection based around Spell Power. This makes it of most interest to paladins in Player vs Environment (PvE) scenarios.

Consisting of 8 pieces of armor it is a fairly complete gear set, while not being an actual Set. The relative availability of the materials required to craft the pieces make it good for fleshing out stats and gear pieces as well.

Item  [Saronite Bar]  [Cobalt Bar]  [Crystallized Water]
 [Brilliant Saronite Belt] x5 x6
 [Brilliant Saronite Boots] x12
 [Brilliant Saronite Bracers] x8 x3
 [Brilliant Saronite Breastplate] x14 x1
 [Brilliant Saronite Gauntlets] x8 x3
 [Brilliant Saronite Helm] x14 x1
 [Brilliant Saronite Legplates] x5 x5 x1
 [Brilliant Saronite Pauldrons] x12
Totals x78 x17 x3

Item Armor Intellect Stamina Critical Strike Rating Spell Power MP5
 [Brilliant Saronite Belt] 1095 43 65 11
 [Brilliant Saronite Boots] 1338 42 43 65
 [Brilliant Saronite Bracers] 852 35 39 12
 [Brilliant Saronite Breastplate] 2043 38 103 20
 [Brilliant Saronite Gauntlets] 1186 25 33 70
 [Brilliant Saronite Helm] 1660 53 93 20
 [Brilliant Saronite Legplates] 1618 44 89 12
 [Brilliant Saronite Pauldrons] 1460 65 65 11
Totals 11252 25 107 289 589 86