Broken Dreams

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NeutralBroken Dreams

87 (Requires 86)




20g 40s


N [87] Li Li's Day Off



Speak with Chen Stormstout and listen to his story.

  • Listen to Chen's story


Yes, I found the Stormstout Brewery... although I didn't exactly get the warm reception I expected.

<Chen pours himself a mug of ale.>

Do you want to hear the story?


You will receive: 20g 40s




Maybe I wasn't meant to settle down anyhow.


  • 161000 XP


Speak with Chen:

<Chen acknowledges you with a nod but looks uncharacteristically sullen.>
Gossip What happened, Chen?

Players follow in the footsteps of Chen as he appears inside the brewery. He has 4.7 million health and the following abilities:

  • Stormfout Fu 10 yd range — Perform a dazzling feat of martial arts on your target. (1 sec cooldown)
  • Drink — Restores health over time. Must remain seated while drinking. Instant.
I found the brewery and made my way inside.
I decided to look around for someone else from the Stormstout family.

Run up the stairs to see Uncle Gao, who is not in a happy mood.

Uncle Gao says: Sorry, we aren't accepting visitors right now.
Chen Stormstout says: I am no visitor, I am Chen Storm-
Uncle Gao says: You should leave.
Chen Stormstout says: But we are family. I am a Stormstout! From the Wandering Isle...
Uncle Gao says: Are you deaf? We aren't allowing anybody in the brewery right now.
Chen Stormstout says: There is no need to speak to me that way.
Chen Stormstout says: Waaaait - what is going on behind you!?
An Unruly Alemental is quickly growing in size!
Uncle Gao says: Huh?! That's... that's nothing! Now GO AWAY!
I had no choice but to defend myself.

Spam 1.

I was shaken, but I did not give up. I pursued the strange old brewer to ask some more questions.

Run to the back right to head outside. Uncle Gao is standing at the base of a ramp heading upstairs.

Uncle Gao says: What, were you sent to check up on me? Everything's fine! It's all under control!
Chen Stormstout says: Come, speak with me! Let's sit down and talk. Have a beer together...
Uncle Gao says: There will be no sitting. No talking. And none of your horrible beer!
Uncle Gao says: Hey, what's that behind you?!
Wuk-Wuk, an 86-elite hozen with 1.5M health jumps on the deck!
Wuk-Wuk yells: *hic* Gimme more of that ook-dooglin' BEER! *hic*

Spam 1.

Beer elementals, and now a hozen attack? Something was very wrong.
I decided to give him one more chance. I wasn't about to give up on family.

Keep running up and back inside.

Uncle Gao says: How many times must I tell you... GO AWAY!
Chen Stormstout says: I don't understand, old man. What have I done to upset you?
Uncle Gao says: It's not what you've done, it's who you are. You are not welcome here, "Chen Stormstout."
That was all I needed to hear. Shunned... by my own blood! I turned and left.
Gao walks off screen to the right as Chen jumps over the banister to the lower level and runs out of the brewery.

This completes the "Mudmug's Place" portion of [Rally the Valley].


  1. N [87] Great Minds Drink Alike
  2. N [87] Leaders Among Breeders & N [87] Yellow and Red Make Orange
  3. N [87] The Warren-Mother & N [87] Thieves to the Core & N [87] Crouching Carrot, Hidden Turnip
  4. N [87] Legacy
  5. N [87] Li Li's Day Off & N [87] Muddy Water
  6. N [87] Broken Dreams

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