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Concept art

Unnamed realm


Brokers are a race of humanoid energy beings native to an unnamed realm of the Shadowlands.[1] Independent from the Covenants and the Maw, they possess an innate affinity for anima and act as soul-traders that can move freely around the realms. They are savvy, adaptable, and keep their true intentions to themselves. In the wake of the current anima drought, the Brokers have taken the chance to capitalize on new opportunities for profit and perhaps more.[1][2]

Brokers have recently been attracted to the city of Oribos by the arrival of mortal adventurers. There they offer a variety of exotic merchandise and profession knowledge.[1] Other groups have set up operations at Transfer Station Ta in Bastion and the Night Market in Revendreth.


  • The Brokers share a lot of similarities with ethereals through their appearance, culture, and society divided into cartels.
  • Curiously, the belts of some Brokers bear the same pattern that can be found around Oribos and on other First One artifacts in the Shadowlands.


Early alpha head glow


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