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Brother Lintpocket

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NeutralBrother Lintpocket
Image of Brother Lintpocket
Title <Burlap Trail Organizer>
Gender Male
Race Grummle (Humanoid)
Level 88
Health 271,000
Location One Keg, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Alive



Brother Lintpocket says: When counting past 3, continue to 5. Never stop at 4. Most bad fortune for those who stop on four.
Brother Lintpocket says: Most bad fortune with big hozen ravage. Makes for bad travels.
Brother Lintpocket says: Good fortune to drink coffee before a hike. Bad fortune to drink after.
Brother Lintpocket says: Luck is like lady grummle: hard to find but worth the search.
Brother Lintpocket says: Rabbitsfoot and Eightcoins argue over who has more luck. Those silly grummles forget that nothing is more lucky than finding lint in your pocket.
Brother Lintpocket says: A clean yak is a lucky yak. A dirty yak is a yeti attack.
Brother Lintpocket says: Grummles know all roads through mountains. But some grummles know better roads than others.
Brother Lintpocket says: I know a secret trail through Neverest. Add three days to any journey, but you see very neat waterfall along way. Most fortunate path.

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