Brother Malach

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HordeBrother Malach
Image of Brother Malach
Gender Male
Race Forsaken (Humanoid)
Level 20
Class Priest
Health 484
Affiliation(s) Undercity, Cult of Forgotten Shadows
Location War Quarter, Undercity [50.9, 21.7]
Status Active

Brother Malach is a level 20 Forsaken located on the outer ring of the War Quarter in Undercity, standing next to Lysta Bancroft. He coordinates fights for Tyler and Edward.

Players must cast  [Mistletoe] on him as part of the Winter Veil achievement  Bros. Before Ho Ho Ho's.


  • First Aid (rank 1) -- Heals a target for an amount equal to the caster's maximum health. (100 yard range)
    • The caster in this case being Brother Malach, that has a maximum health of 484.


Edward. Tyler. Prepare for your first challenge.
Lysta, summon in the captives.
Not a challenge at all it seems. Let us see how you handle your second test. Lysta, bring forth the minions of the Lich King.
Lysta, summon in undead captives.
It is time to face your final challenge young warriors! Prepare for your hardest fight yet.
Lysta, summon forth... the abomination!
Well done Edward and Tyler. You are progressing along in your training quite nicely. We shall test your mettle again soon.

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