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Brother Rabbitsfoot

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NeutralBrother Rabbitsfoot
Image of Brother Rabbitsfoot
Gender Male
Race Grummle (Humanoid)
Level 88
Health 271,000
Location Broketooth Outpost, Kun-Lai Summit
Status Alive



Many good fortunes to you. I am Brother Rabbitsfoot. I am a merchent, a traveller, and a big luckydo for grummles.
In times of peace, <name> would do well to buy of my wares. But fortune has us meet this day.
We have much work to do together.
Brother Rabbitsfoot says: The Shado-Pan are not here because the wall needs them. Grummles owe much fortune to the Shado-Pan. If the Shado-Pan cannot defend grummles that means they are in danger, and need grummlepacks now more than ever.
Brother Rabbitsfoot says: The Jib of Dook was a friend of grummles. He lasted a whole three seasons. Now the Ook of Dook is in charge and most angry. He thinks food from grummles will stop soon, so he ravages.
Brother Rabbitsfoot says: Ah, humans are most useful. Should have more humans for rainy day.
Brother Rabbitsfoot says: Grummles have good noses. Can tell the difference between good and bad fortune by the smell. You have the smell of good fortune about you.

At Halfhill Market:

Most good fortune to you, <race>! My brother and I come from far away to share our luckydos.

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