Brulf the Heavy

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NeutralBrulf the Heavy
Image of Brulf the Heavy
Title <Blacksmith>
Gender Male
Race Vrykul (Humanoid)
Level 101 - 110 Elite
Health 5,047,846
Mana 266,554
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valarjar
Location Valdisdall, Stormheim [60, 50]
Status Alive

Brulf the Heavy is a vrykul vendor located at Valdisdall in Stormheim.

Pointer repair on 32x32.png This vendor offers a repair service.


In my day, I put blades in the hands of armies. What of you, mortal? What do you seek?

Buy Show me your wares.

Hunters wielding  [Thas'dorah, Legacy of the Windrunners]
Ah. HAH! Hunter. That bow of yours. It is the weapon of a champion. I sense it's gone beyond this world, has it not?
Rogues with The Kingslayers
Come closer, rogue. Let me see those blades - they stink of death.
Ach, I can feel their thirst. Forged in darkness these were. Many have fallen to their caress.
So slender, so quick. These are not the weapons of a warrior, no, they strike from the shadows.
Very well, <race>. I am impressed. Many lives have been ended by the Kingslayers... go now, and send the weak to their end.


Inv pick 02.png [Mining Pick]
Inv hammer 20.png [Blacksmith Hammer]
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 02.png [Weak Flux]
Inv misc ammo gunpowder 01.png [Strong Flux]
Inv misc powder purple.png [Durable Flux]
Spell frost fireresistancetotem.png [Elemental Flux]
Inv ore tin 01.png [Coal]

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