Brutal Gladiator's Dreadgear

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Brutal Gladiator's Dreadgear is the Arena Season 4 set for Affliction/Demonology Warlocks.


shortcut iconSee also: Brutal Gladiator's Felshroud for the Destruction version of this set.


The items of this set are sold by Neutral Leeni "Smiley" Smalls in Area 52 in Netherstorm, Neutral Explodyne Fizzlespurt in Nagrand, Frixee Brasstumbler in Blade's Edge Mountains, Drolig and Drelik Blastpipe in Shattrath City and Neutral Ecton Brasstumbler in Gadgetzan in Tanaris. They are purchased using [Honor Points].

Slot Cost
Chest 175 Honor Points
Head 175 Honor Points
Hands 140 Honor Points
Legs 175 Honor Points
Shoulders 140 Honor Points
Total 805 Honor Points



Brutal Gladiator's Dreadgear

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