Bubb Lazarr

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NeutralBubb Lazarr
Image of Bubb Lazarr
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 73
Health 4,984
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Venture Bay, Grizzly Hills [13.6, 88.9]
Status Alive

Bubb Lazarr is a goblin located on the edge of the pier behind the lighthouse in Venture Bay in the southwestern corner of Grizzly Hills. The creator of  [Element 115], Bubb is obsessed with icebergs, calling them "undefined floating obstructions" and seemingly believing them to be some sort of malevolent life form. In the water next to him is a goblin submarine (which looks similar to the X-52 Nether-Rocket in Area 52) as well as several warheads, which he claims he'll use to shoot one of the UFOs down.


Hey, <class>, did you see that? Out there, lingering near the water's surface....

You saw it too didn't ya?

Gossip You mean the iceberg?

The wha-??

Well, I refer to them as undefined floating obstructions. And where I'm from, most deny their existence entirely.

But I know better! I've even seen 'em up close! My recent years have been spent building this vessel to locate, track, document, and if needs be, eradicate them!

Gossip All this equipment just to examine ice?

Don't be fooled, <race>. They're very elusive. One moment they're there, the next they're gone - virtually inexplicable!

Between you and me, I actually held a piece of one in my hand once! Sadly, before I could conduct any measurements it was gone! Just disappeared....

Gossip It's just ice. Why all the fuss?

A lot you know...

Some say they're just observing, some think they're altering our sea-life, and then others think they're here to take over Azeroth!

Once I take one down with my rocket propelled warheads I'll get the answers. You can believe that!

Gossip Rocket propelled warheads? Isn't that a bit aggressive?

Listen here, now. When you're looking for answers nothing beats a good explosion - the bigger, the better!

But that's probably enough with the questions for now, <race>.

My warheads are classified material, and the element 115 that I created to power them is even more classified!

In fact, it's best that you just return to your everyday life and pretend we never met.


Bubb's name is a reference to Bob Lazar, who claimed to work as a physicist at an installation located in the Nevada desert, near the legendary Area 51. Lazar claimed to have studied crashed UFOs stored there by the United States military. One of his claims was that Element 115 served as nuclear fuel for the propulsion of the UFOs.

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