Burial Chest

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Burial Chest


These chests are found throughout the Amani Catacombs in Ghostlands.


This chest contains a few copper and sometimes trash loot, though there is a chance of common items inside as well.

Notable loot:
Inv mushroom 08.png [Spongy Morel] Inv sword 13.png [Amani Sacrificial Dagger]
Inv potion 50.png [Lesser Healing Potion] Inv misc urn 01.png [Mummified Parts]
Inv potion 90.png [Embalming Fluid] Inv misc ear human 01.png [Troll Keepsake]
Inv misc bone 02.png [Rat Skeleton]


They used to be objective of now removed Rogue quest H Rogue [18] Greed which required lockpicking the chests in order to retrieve  [Pitted Gold Band] from one of them.

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