Burning Crusade epic gems

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PvP Epic Gems

These gems require you to spend [Honor Points], or other tokens gained during PvP.

In exchange for [Honor Points] players may receive gems in:
HordeHall of Legends
AllianceChampion's Hall

Color Name Effect(s) Cost
Red Socket Red
 [Delicate Ornate Ruby] +10 Agility 25 Honor Points
 [Brilliant Ornate Ruby] +10 Intellect 25 Honor Points
Red Socket Yellow
 [Smooth Ornate Dawnstone] +10 Critical Strike Rating 25 Honor Points
Red SocketRed Socket Orange
 [Deadly Ornate Topaz] +5 Agility +5 Critical Strike Rating 25 Honor Points
 [Potent Ornate Topaz] +5 Critical Strike Rating +5 Intellect 25 Honor Points

100 x  [Halaa Battle Token] purchase this gem from the vendors in Halaa. (was 500 tokens before 2.1)

Color Name Effect(s) Cost
Red SocketRed Socket Orange
 [Mystic Dawnstone] +10 Resilience 100 Halaa Battle Token

Crafted Epic Gems

This gem is crafted by Enchanters at skill 350 using two  [Void Crystal], and matches any socket:

Name Effect(s)
 [Void Sphere] +4 All Resistance

Uncut epic gems are available from three sources:

The epic gems obtainable from these three sources are:

Quest Reward Epic Gems

N [70R] Nightbane

Purple, match Red Socket red or Blue Socket blue sockets.
Name Effects
 [Timeless Amethyst] +5 Spell Damage +6 Stamina
 [Sovereign Amethyst] +5 Strength +6 Stamina
 [Tireless Soothing Amethyst] +5 Intellect +6 Stamina

Dropped Epic Gems

Most epic gems are dropped from bosses in Heroic mode dungeons.

Orange, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red sockets.
Name Effects Heroic Bosses
 [Champion's Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Defense Auchenai Crypts
 [Deadly Fire Opal] +5 Agility +4 Critical Arcatraz
 [Inscribed Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Critical Mana-Tombs
 [Lucent Fire Opal] +5 Agility +4 Resilience Old Hillsbrad
 [Polished Fire Opal] +4 Agility +5 Dodge Arcatraz
 [Potent Fire Opal] +5 Intellect +4 Critical Auchenai Crypts/Hellfire Ramparts
 [Reckless Fire Opal] +5 Intellect +4 Haste Shattered Halls/Steamvault
 [Resplendent Fire Opal] +5 Strength +4 Resilience Slave Pens
 [Splendid Fire Opal] +5 Parry +4 Resilience Underbog
 [Stalwart Fire Opal] +5 Parry +4 Dodge Black Morass/Sethekk Halls
 [Willful Fire Opal] +5 Intellect +4 Resilience Arcatraz
Green, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png yellow or UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue sockets.
Name Effect Source (Heroic Bosses)
 [Jagged Chrysoprase] +5 Critical +6 Stamina Blood Furnace/Mechanar/Shattered Halls
 [Lightning Chrysoprase] +5 Hit +4 Haste Underbog
 [Misty Chrysoprase] +5 Critical +4 Spirit Shadow Labyrinth/Steamvault
 [Nimble Chrysoprase] +5 Hit +4 Dodge Arcatraz/Slave Pens
 [Radiant Chrysoprase] +5 Critical +5 Spell Penetration Underbog
 [Regal Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Dodge Hellfire Ramparts/Old Hillsbrad/Shadow Labyrinth
 [Steady Chrysoprase] +6 Stamina +5 Resilience Blood Furnace/Hellfire Ramparts
Purple, match UI-EmptySocket-Red.png red or UI-EmptySocket-Blue.png blue sockets.
Name Effect Source (Heroic Bosses)
 [Defender's Tanzanite] +5 Parry +6 Stamina Mechanar
 [Etched Tanzanite] +5 Strength +4 Hit Shadow Labyrinth
 [Glinting Tanzanite] +5 Agility +4 Hit The Black Morass/Sethekk Halls
 [Mysterious Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +6 Spell Penetration Botanica
 [Purified Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +4 Spirit Auchenai Crypts/Blood Furnace/
Botanica/Old Hillsbrad/Slave Pens
 [Shifting Tanzanite] +5 Agilty +6 Stamina Steamvault/Botanica
 [Sovereign Tanzanite] +5 Strength +6 Stamina Shattered Halls
 [Timeless Tanzanite] +5 Strength +6 Stamina The Black Morass/Mana-Tombs/Sethekk Halls
 [Veiled Tanzanite] +5 Intellect +4 Hit Mechanar