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Bushwhacker (Alliance)

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93 (Requires 92)




Item level 525 rings
18g 90s


A [93] The Voice of Iyu, A [93] The Infested, A [93] Super Seeds


Slay 7 Bloom Weavers.


We are continuing the search for Thaelin's people, but these botani, they are a larger threat than we ever realized.

To infest their victims... monstrous.

Please, commander, if you find yourself in Evermorn Springs to our west, slay as many of those creatures as you can.

Stop them from committing such acts of horror. Bring them to justice.


You will receive one of:

Item level 525 rings
Inv ringwod 6b.png [Botani Grower's Ring] Inv ringwod d4 4.png [Botani Tender's Seal]
Inv ringwod 5.png [Botani Mender's Signet] Inv ringwod 7.png [Botani Leafbloomer's Signet]
Inv ringwod 2c.png [Botani Pruner's Signet]

You will also receive: 18g 90s


We had always revered the botani back in Shadowmoon. Now, I see them for the horror they can become.


Well done, commander. At every turn you seem to demonstrate an efficiency with war that even our most seasoned exarchs might fight to be challenging.


  • 14100 XP


Pick up A [93] Dark Iron Down and A [93] Pollen Power before heading out.

Across the road to the west, get to killing Golden Pollinators and Thicket Ravagers before entering Evermorn Springs. Kill a path (but don't kill too many botani just yet) to the southwest extend of the quest area and find Burrian Coalpart in a hollowed out tree, surrounded by food. Work on his quests and players should wind up killing enough Bloom Weavers for this quest.


  1. A [93] Deeproot / H [93] The Razorbloom
  2. Complete all of:
    • Finding the infected:
    1. A [93] The Razorbloom / H [93] Mossy Fate
    2. B [93] The Voice of Iyu
  3. A [93] Dark Iron Down / H [93] Cutter
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [93] Do the Dew / H [94] Secrets of the Botani
  6. B [94] The Life Spring
  7. A [94] A Heavy Helping Hand / H [94] Thieving Dwarves
  8. Complete all of:
  9. B [92] Iyu
  10. B [92] Power of the Genesaur

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