By the Falls, For the Fallen

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NeutralBy the Falls, For the Fallen
Waterfall-polished stones under a waterfall

87 (Requires 87)




10g 20s


N [87] Emergency Care



Waterfall-Polished Stone

Gather 3 Waterfall-polished Stones.


I do not wish to dishonor my friends and leave them in unmarked graves.

Yet, we have never needed to bury so many at once, and I am in no condition to gather materials.

Please, visit the lakes that hug the mountains edge along the road to the south. Underneath the waterfalls there, you will find stones that have been polished to a sheen by the falling water. They will make suitable headstones.


You will receive: 10g 20s


The stones - have you brought them?


Good. Thank you. After this, I cannot imagine leaving my fellows to less than a proper burial.


  • 129000 XP


Pick up N [87] Justice and N [87] The Scent of Life before heading out.

Exit the village to the south and circle to the northeast. Start killing Azure Prickly Crawlers for the shell, Blackmane Brigands, Blackmane Trackers, and Blackmane Pillagers for Justice and a chance at the spices. South Sea Booty Barrels are all over the area near pirates. Then find Captain Ripflesh in the depression south of the pirate camp. He is a level 87 gnoll(!) with 537,000 health and acts as a hunter with [Concussive Shot], [Black Arrow], and [Explosive Shot]. He also has:

  • Smoke Bomb! — Casts a smoke bomb, stunning nearby enemies for until cancelled. Instant. Cast at 50%. Also knocks players up in the air.

At 50% health:

Ripflesh casts Smoke Bomb, knocking all players in the air, then disappears.
Captain Ripflesh yells: Ha! Let's see if you can figure this out!
Captain Ripflesh yells: Mirror... IMAGE!
Ripflesh is hiding in one of the four barrels, and Gnoll Decoys are sitting on the other three.

Break one of the decoys:

Captain Ripflesh yells: Ha! Fooled you!

Focus on him and finish him off:

How did you... figure... it out...

He drops the  [Crumpled Bill of Sale]:

Crumpled Book of Sale

Darkmoon Faire Bill of Sale

6x Super-effective Gnoll Decoy*
60G 20S 300C

* Effectiveness of Super-effective Gnoll Decoy may depend on intelligence of opponent. Not warranted for use against Humanoids, Dragonkin, or other semi-sentient creatures.

Head to the southwest to find waterfalls, with Lightfooted Snapclaws striding the water. Polished stones can be found underneath the waterfalls—several of which can be found uphill near the village.


Optional breadcrumb: N [87] Checking In

  1. N [87] Emergency Care
  2. N [87] Justice & N [87] The Scent of Life & N [87] By the Falls, For the Fallen
  3. N [87] Preparing the Remains
  4. N [87] A Funeral

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