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Cairne Bloodhoof (Warcraft III)

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For lore, see Cairne Bloodhoof.

Cairne Bloodhoof

Cairne Unit WC3.jpg

Race Tauren
Base unit Tauren Chieftain
Faction Horde, Bloodhoof Tauren, Mulgore Tauren
Hit points 1425 (2125)
Mana 390 (660)
Unit Classified As: Ground
Level 10 (15)
Normal attack: 55-65 (71-81)
Range Melee
Attack type Normal (Hero)
Defense Type Hero
Armor 6 (8)
Hero Parameters
Primary Attribute Strength
Strength Infocard-heroattributes-str.png 53 (69+12) (+
Agility Infocard-heroattributes-agi.png 23 (31+12) (+
Intelligence Infocard-heroattributes-int.png 26 (32+12) (+
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

The mighty chief of the Bloodhoof tauren, Cairne is a peerless warrior and a wise leader of his ancient people. Though slowed somewhat by the weight of age, Cairne still possesses the strength and valor of twenty men. This greathearted giant knows that his people are in grave danger of extermination from the marauding centaurs. However, he has never given up hope of one day finding a way to lead his people to a new land where they can make their home and live in peace.[1]


Main article: Tauren Chieftain (Warcraft III)#Spells and abilities


Notes and trivia

  • He was 99 years old during the events of Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.[1]
  • There are 3 units of Cairne in the World Editor toy box:
    • Cinematic, expansion, and the Tauren Chieftain as he was introduced in Reign of Chaos
    • Their starting stats and subsequent stat growths are all the same.
    • They all share the same abilities as the Hero they're based on.
    • With the exception being The Frozen Throne Cairne as his are separate abilities that can go up one more level than his counter parts and he possesses the attribute bonus ability.
    • His base intelligence is one less than the standard Tauren Chieftain.