Calibration Experts

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AllianceCalibration Experts
Start Deucus Valdera
End Deucus Valdera
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Alchemy
Experience 16,450
Rewards 18g 28s 50c
Previous N Alchemy [110] An Imprecise Burette
Next N Alchemy [110] Testing the Calibration
For the Horde version of this quest, see H Alchemy [110] Calibration Experts.


Take the Uncalibrated Malloric Burettes to skilled alchemists for calibration.


It will take the cooperation of several highly skilled sorts to calibrate these burettes.

Myshalla Streambreeze in Feralas has demonstrated admirable attention to detail.

I loathe Ironforge, but a resident named Krimple Proxmeasure is known for his precision.

And while I'd never travel to Booty Bay without a lock on my wallet, Tryks Pourtrue has proven reliable and fair... mostly.


You will receive: 18g 28s 50c


Yes, I'd say these burettes look well-calibrated.

I knew those three would be meticulous. Never underestimate the value of someone who obsesses over tiny details, <name>!



Myshalla Streambreeze
Gossip Deucus sent me. He says you can help calibrate this burette.
Myshalla Streambreeze says: Deucus? I thought he was dead! Of course I would be happy to help my old friend.
Myshalla Streambreeze says: Perfect calibration! Tell Deucus I shall make a trip to Dalaran soon to say hello.
Krimple Proxmeasure
Gossip Deucus sent me. He says you can help calibrate this burette.
Krimple Proxmeasure says: Deucus always sends me the most challenging puzzles to solve! Let's see that burette!
Krimple Proxmeasure says: Perfection! You can now make potions with precise exactitude!
Tryks Pourtrue
Gossip Deucus sent me. He says you can help calibrate this burette.
Tryks Pourtrue says: Deucus? That undead has some nerve! Called me a cheater once... but I suppose I can forgive him. Lemme see...
Tryks Pourtrue says: Here ya go! Tell Deucus I treated ya fair 'n square!



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