Call of Air (Draenei 4)

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AllianceCall of Air

30 (Requires 30)




A [30] Call of Air

Call of Air is the fourth totem quest in the chain of four for Shamans in the Draenei starting area of Azuremyst Isle.


Return to Farseer Nobundo at the Exodar on Azuremyst Isle with the Whorl of Air.

You will need:


While my brothers and sisters of the other elements have demanded that you perform various tasks, I will not ask anything further of you. I think that you have done enough to 'atone' for the accident of your ship falling to this place from my skies. I can see that you have all the wisdom within you already to use the element of air wisely.

Take this portion of my being back to Farseer Nobundo so that he might help you fashion your totem. And when you're ready, I will fly you back down to the Exodar.


Back so soon? Your hair looks ruffled.

<Nobundo grins knowingly.>


I am proud of you, <name>. You have persevered where others falter, and in the process you've gained a greater understanding of the elements and yourself. Remember their lessons as you go through life and you will be the wiser for it.

Now, hand me the whorl from Susurrus so that I may imbue it into your air totem. As with the other totems, it will serve as both a focus and a reminder of the connection that you have forged with the elements.


You will be rewarded with all of the following:


  1. A [30] Call of Air
  2. A [30] Call of Air
  3. A [30] Call of Air
  4. Call of Air (Draenei 4)

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