Call of Earth (Durotar 2)

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HordeCall of Earth

4 (Requires 4)




H Shaman [4] Call of Earth


H Shaman [4] Call of Earth

Since you have proven yourself to Canaga, he makes an  [Earth Sapta] for you, and tells you to drink it in a holy place - Spirit Rock.


H Shaman [4] Call of Earth


Find Spirit Rock and drink the  [Earth Sapta].


A sapta is a drink created to bind our spirits to the elements. Fused with magic, the potion will allow the strong willed to see the elements as no one else can. Your spirit will be connected to the element the sapta was created for, and only a select few shaman know the recipe.

The sapta is always drunk in a holy place, and never anywhere else—remember that.

Seek out Spirit Rock southwest of here—it is found at the end of the Hidden Path. Drink your sapta there, and... Well, you shall see.


The entrance to the Hidden Path is south of the Den at (41,73). When you head south, the Hidden Path is a path up into the mountains. Spirit Rock is at the end of the Hidden Path at (44,76).

When you drink the  [Earth Sapta] at Spirit Rock, you receive the buff Sapta Sight.


Ah... <name>... pleased is the earth to have you here.

Bound together in body and spirit, you will go forward knowing that the mountains are your strength; the plains, your patience; and the world itself your essence.

Standing before the earth humbly is all that is required of you for you to pass this rite. But the others are not as passive. They may be chaotic and often violent, but such is the nature of the elements. Dual natures opposing one another, you must come to learn these things intricately.

Additional Notes

This quest is in the orc and troll starting area, but it is not restricted to them - tauren can complete it as well. The equivalent quest in the tauren starting area of Red Cloud Mesa is H Shaman [4] Call of Earth.


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