Call of Earth (Durotar 3)

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HordeCall of Earth

4 (Requires 4)




You will learn:
[Stoneskin Totem]
You will receive:
Earth Totem




H Shaman [4] Call of Earth

Having passed the rite of the earth, you receive a small pebble, rough quartz, from the elemental spirit of the earth. Return with it to Canaga Earthcaller and he will craft you a totem that allow you to cast spells that are tied to the earth.


H Shaman [4] Call of Earth


Bring the  [Rough Quartz] to Canaga Earthcaller in the Valley of Trials.


Take this rough quartz from me and bring it to Canaga Earthcaller as proof of our meeting. He will craft a totem for you, and this pebble will be the heart of it. As small as it may seem, you will come to find that size does not matter, and that even the smallest of things can outlast many others.

Be patient, <name>. Remain strong. And seek wisdom. This is what earth asks of you. In the end, you shall become one with the earth—respect it as it shall respect you.


Return to Canaga Earthcaller at the Den. Give him the rough quartz to complete the quest.


You will learn:

You will also receive:


I wish to be the first to welcome you fully to the first of four paths that will forever lead you in your destiny.

If you have the stone the earth gave to you, I will give you the totem it promised.

If not, then be gone with you until you have found your way.

Required items:



The totem I will craft for you is more than a symbol of your status among shaman—it has abilities beyond that. One use of the totem is as a focus for spells. Those spells are tied to the earth, and as you earn greater and greater wisdom, more of the earth's abilities will be made accessible to you.

The trainers will know when you are ready for greater knowledge.

But for now, take this earth totem

Additional Notes

This quest is in the orc and troll starting area, but it is not restricted to them - tauren can complete it as well. The equivalent quest in the tauren starting area of Red Cloud Mesa is H Shaman [4] Call of Earth.


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