Call of Water (Silverpine)

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NeutralCall of Water

23 (Requires 19)



Bring a Water Sapta to Tiev Mordune in Silverpine Forest if you failed to speak to the Minor Manifestation of Water.


Greetin's, <brotha/sista>! Have you too come to purify the waters here and prove your understandin' to Islen?

I've just defeated the corrupt water spirit meself, and I'm just 'bout to put da bracers and remaining drops o' water on the brazier.

What's dat? Ahhh. Tiev understan' all too well when somethin' goes wrong. Well, Tiev can help you plenty if you be needin' to see the pure water spirit again.

Bring me a water sapta from Islen as proof that you be ready, an' I'll wait to turn in me parts.


Ya have the sapta, brotha?

I know another that had trouble after defeating da corrupt water spirit--seems he waited too long and he came out of the spirit world too quick fer his taste. Hate to see dat happen to another, so I'll just wait here fer a bit to make sure no one else be needin' me help.


Ahhh, den yur ready...

I'll put me items in the brazier den, and you c'n talk wit' da spirit too.

An' dontchu worry none 'bout seein' into da spirit world wit' da sapta... ol' Tiev know a trick or two 'bout how da sapta magic works.

Come now, head down wit' me to the shrine and let's speak to da spirits together, brotha.



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