Callan Lothar

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Callan Lothar
Image of Callan Lothar
Title Sergeant
Gender Male
Race Human
Affiliation(s) Kingdom of Stormwind
Status Deceased
Relative(s) Anduin Lothar (father),
Cally Lothar (mother),
Llane (uncle),
Taria Wrynn (aunt),
Varian, Adariall (cousins)
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Callan Lothar was the only son of Anduin Lothar and Cally Lothar.


Bonds of Brotherhood

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After Callan's mother died in birthing him his father Anduin Lothar would hold him responsible for her death for many years. As such, Callan would be motivated to try earn his father's approval and though Lothar would stop blaming him and the pair would work on their relationship, Medivh would later imply that Callan never stopped trying to gain that we saw as his father's approval. Despite his son's efforts, Lothar always kept Callan at a distance.[1]

By the time the Horde entered Azeroth, Callan was a sergeant in one of Stormwind's many legions. Callan's aunt Queen Taria often specifically asked for him, despite his father's protests, who did not wish the boy to be encouraged to follow in his footsteps.[2] Callan would later engage in battle against the Horde and end up wounded, which greatly worried his father, remarking that Callan was all he had.

Lothar reaches to his son through Medivh's wall of lightning.
Callan killed by Blackhand.

Callan would later be part of King Llane's royal guard when he and Chieftain Durotan of the Frostwolves attempted to parlay with one another in order to stop Gul'dan. However unknown to all was that Orgrim Doomhammer, not convinced that aiding the humans would lead to victory, had betrayed them and the parlay was ambushed by Horde forces. During the battle that followed Medivh split the battlefield in two with lightning barriers, allowing the king and most of the party to escape, but locking Callan and a few footmen with the orc party as a frustrated Lothar tried desperately but futilely to help his son.

As his allies died, Callan looked to be about to enter battle with Grommash Hellscream, before being impaled by Blackhand's sharp prosthetic hand, seemingly as a personal act of vengeance against Lothar, who had destroyed the hand in a previous encounter. A furious and deeply grieving Lothar would come to hold Medivh responsible for his son's death.[3]