Camp Everstill

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Camp Everstill

Camp Everstill is a very small Alliance camp on the shores of Lake Everstill in Redridge Mountains.


Camp Everstill will start off with just a Flight Master, Alliance Arlen Marsters <Gryphon Master>

Once you have boarded the boat in A [18] It's Never Over, the members of Bravo Company will be stationed here temporarily and the area will have five new NPCs, Alliance John J. Keeshan, Alliance Danforth, Alliance Krakauer, Alliance Messner and Alliance Jorgensen, until they move to Shalewind Canyon as part of A [18] To Win a War, You Gotta Become War

Travel connections


Alliance Lakeshire, Redridge Mountains (0:23)
Alliance Shalewind Canyon, Redridge Mountains (0:33)